To everyone who emailed me

Thank you very much to everyone who’s emailed me. I havent replied any of you yet, cause I’m horrificly slow and I have the memory span of a goldfish.

If you truly wish to help there are certain things you should know:

– This website is built up around WordPress. You need to know WordPress and how to make alterations in plugins to make this site work.
– A lot of current code is outdated due to php upgrades and will therefore not work. It needs to be updated AND work with WordPress.
– Submissionpage and alike will probably have to be completely recoded and reconstructed provided we still want to take in submissions from people.

– There are no funds. We have nothing to pay you. None.

Still feeling you can help?

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Uh.. sort of

I’ve managed to make the original ddg script kinda sort of work.
So icons and designs can be viewed and downloaded at atleast.

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Fix in progress!

It appears that we sadly fell victim of a rather nasty defacement that took several hours to remove.
I want to thank everyone who emailed me to let me know about it and thank them for their patience.

I’m planning on restoring everything to the best if my possibility, but I sadly can not make any promises on how awesome that’ll be.

As much as I may wish to continue keeping DDG open, live and well, I simply cannot do it alone. The 4 other people who were supposed to help out have all their own things to worry about. Work, education, family and whatnot. Sadly, I’m sitting with my hands full as well.

But I’ll try my best to make sure DDG comes back up again in a somewhat functional manner.

Should there be any php guru out there who wants to lend a hand, let me know at
I’ll deeply appreciate your help.

– Zoey

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Woah, back from hiatus

Okey, so the hiatus I went on took a lot longer then originally planned and the rest of the guys are either superbusy with their lives or just slacking off. Take your pick.

I’ve discovered a few bugs in our current system that I’ll need to fix somehow and obviously try to make sure things are a bit more userfriendly. this may take a while because I’m just not that great at programming and it’s been a while since I last attempted it.

While there were no updates though, designs and icons WERE processed. So I don’t feel horrifically bad about it.

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Large bundle of icons!

I’ve added 45 icon to de database made by ValaMS, they are quite simple yet interesting. Please do check out the whole collection. Enjoy!

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New design added

I have processed a brand new design while 5 icons were rejected simply because they are just cropped images.

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Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s the year of tiger, wish you all an eventful new year! I’ve added a new design, enjoy!

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Happy 2010!

I wish on behave of the whole staff everyone a very happy new year! May all of your wishes come true!

In addition I have added 9 brand new icons, enjoy!

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New icons

I have added a set of new icons and there were also 17 icons rejected due the simple editing. Enjoy the new addtion!

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Set of new icons

I have added 5 new icons today and another 5 were rejected because lack of editing. Somehow the new icons are not showing up on the front page (for me), so if anyone is experiencing the same problem just click on ‘Web Graphics’ > ‘Avatars’ and you shall see them. Enjoy!

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30+ New icons!

I’ve pruned the icon submissions and added more than 30 new icons, enjoy!

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Processed WP Theme

Rejected the Sakura WordPress theme. It doesn’t work when viewed in our WP test site. I suggest fixing the sidebar.


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New icons added

I’ve added a set of 5 new icons to the database. Enjoy!

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Painted Highlights Tutorial

This tutorial was written by the wonderful and talented Naimah. Once you’ve read it through, you should be able to apply this technique to different pictures and use different colors!

Painted Highlights Tutorial by Naimah


- Begin by downloading the fireworks image: Open it in Photoshop (I’m using CS4). I resized the image to 500 x 667.

– Go to Image –> Adjustments –> Color Balance. Type this in “Color Levels”–> -100, +100, +82. For “Tone Balance” click on the “Highlights” button. Press Ok!

– Duplicate this image. Go to Filter –> Brush Strokes –> Accented Edges. Edge Width = 5, Edge Brightness = 0, and Smoothness = 15. Press Ok! Set this layer’s Opacity to 62%.

– Finally, the gradient. Create a new layer. Choose these colors for your Foreground and Background. Foreground = #9dafff, Background = #235caa. Choose the gradient tool and use these two colors as a gradient. Choose the default linear gradient and click the top of the image and drag the mouse in a straight line to the bottom of the image. If you want the line to be really straight, press and hold the “shift” key on your keyboard after clicking and holding your gradient. Let go of the mouse click before releasing the hold on the “shift” key. Set the blending mode for this layer to “Hue”.

And tada!! We’re all done! Looks quite nifty if you ask me!

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5 New Icons

I added 5 new icons, some were rejected due lack of editing. Enjoy!

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